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Vermont English Bulldog Rescue Fundraising
Carved Solutions is a Williston, VT, woman-owned and family-operated business. Carved Solutions has teamed up with the Vermont English Bulldog Rescue to spread holiday joy to some lucky four-legged friends. We are thrilled to participate by sharing a fundraising opportunity that gives back 50% of GROSS SALES (not a % of proceeds)! If you purchase $80 we give back $40 to Vermont English Bulldog Rescue.

Our products are made in USA focused (soaps, candles, jewelry, wooden cutting boards, wooden ornaments are made right here in VERMONT!). Your purchase not only supports Vermont English Bulldog Rescue but also supports our local economy.

Vermont English Bulldog Rescue, also based in Williston, is a small rescue dedicated to the physical and mental rehabilitation of disadvantages English bulldogs, many from puppy mills. Most require extensive medical procedures to correct eye infections, inter-digital cysts, skin problems, and dislocated or broken bones – to name a few. The dogs live in the home of Dawna Pederzani and only when they are completely healthy, in both mind and body, will she attempt through a strict application process, to place them in new homes. English bulldogs are sweet, loving souls that only want to please their human companions


During the check out process you will notice the Special Request field. Type FBO Vermont English Bulldog Rescue in that field as you checkout and Carved Solutions will donate 50% of your total product purchase value right back! The fundraiser isn't limited to Vermont folks. You are welcome to share the opportunity with anyone who wishes to support Vermont English Bulldog Rescue!

Please click this link to find out more: Vermont English Bulldog Rescue

If you’d like to know more about Vermont English Bulldog Rescue contact Dawna Pederzani, Williston, VT. (802) 363-0370

These special purchases will not only bring your recipient a one-of-kind personalized gift custom created by Carved Solutions, but you will also be supporting a well-intentioned, humane cause. We all benefit and what better holiday message could there be than that?

Have a special request ~ just ask orders@carvedsolutions.com

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