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Signature Spa Trio Satsuma Soap BCA Warrior Gift Set

Signature Spa Trio Satsuma Soap BCA Warrior Gift Set
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3 Bars Carved
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Item Description
Each Vermont made Signature Spa Satsuma Soap bar is 100% vegetable based, triple-milled and infused with the unmistakable Satsuma scent. Non-GMO 100% Vegetable Based, Triple-milled luxury soap, made in Vermont. Soft pink in color with a Satsuma fragrance. Paraben free, phosphorous free, phthalate free, gluten free and cruelty free. Presented in a soft, sensual shade of pink, the citrus fragrance of Carved Solution's Satsuma found its inspiration from the seedless mandarin. The Japanese history of this fruit is identified by its refreshing and healing properties. Topped off with a pink bow!

Every October, Carved Solutions begins their annual, month long fundraising to eradicate cancer!

During the month of October, to build breast cancer awareness, Carved Solutions will donate 50% of all gross sales from all Carved Solutions’ Breast Cancer Awareness Luxury Gifts, directly to S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund

“We should not live with the fear that Cancer could randomly enter our lives and take our loved-ones.” - Dr. David Krag. S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund is dedicated to finding ways to diminish the side effects of successful cancer treatments and eradicate cancer related deaths. 100% of all donations to the S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund goes to the actual research (all administrative fees are generously paid directly by the Ireland family not the fund).

Discover how Breast Cancer has touched the Carved Solutions family in our blog.

"We are thrilled that our Signature Spa, Vermont made soaps candles, and US Made drinkware have the opportunity to make a difference," stated Dawn Lancaster, Co-Owner and Vice President of Carved Solutions a Vermont family-owned and operated personalization company.

Dawn's mother, Shirley A. Faverty, is a two-time breast cancer survivor and this year celebrates over 18 years breast cancer free. Every October, Carved Solutions aims to raise understanding, involvement, and research.

Carved Solutions chose S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund as the charity to receive the benefit from the annual October fundraising efforts through the sales from the Signature Spa Satsuma Collection in early 2013.

Dawn always believed from the moment of her mother's diagnosis that she would be cured. "We must find an end to breast cancer. When I looked at the future, I realized that my mom was our 1 in 8. In simple math, myself and my two sisters make three. My mother-in-law and three sister-in-laws bring the total to seven; hence my mom was our 1 in 8. That puts my daughter, Sarah (14 years old) and her cousin, Megan (12 years old) at the beginning of the next generation's 1 in 8. Now more than ever the race is on to protect and save!"

S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund has raised over $3,000,000 since 1999 and for the past 15 years has supported the ground breaking research being done by Dr. David Krag and his research team at the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine. This support has been rewarded with successful new therapies, including radio-guided sentinel node surgery, which is now the standard treatment for breast cancer nationwide.

50% of every sale of Carved Solutions Breast Cancer Awareness Luxury Gifts will be donated direct to S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund - where 100% of donations go towards research not administrative fees!
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