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Dawn of A New Day Point of Purchase
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Item Description
"Dawn of a New Day" Start your day inspired! Custom carved with Dawn's Sun."Dawn's Sun" is a timeless reminder of the gift of a new day and eternal hope.

From our luxurious, Vermont made soaps to our exquisite Vermont made, hand-poured candles our Dawn of a New Day products were created to inspire, motivate, encourage and validate.

What started as our Dawn's way to share positivity with staff has become a must have!

When Dawn was growing up her Dad used to leave her positive notes of encouragement and love; obviously it rubbed off. Dawn writes us little "love notes" and places them around the office, the cafeteria and the warehouse. Upon noticing her signature sun graphic one knows for certain that there is a message of light awaiting to be read.

Mike decided it was an experience that had to be shared with all and Dawn of a New Day was born. Share the positive, the hope, the love ... because we are all on this journey together!

16 of each aromatherapy signature spa bars.

Verbena in Snowflake White: Awakening, motivating, & harmonious fresh lemon scent.

Inspiring Message: Found on back of bar packaging “Each day is a fresh start – start something now.”

Lavender in the Softest Purple: Rejuvenate, relax & calm your soul with this heavenly scent...

Inspiring Message: “Time to rejuvenate is priceless & you are worthy.”

Satsuma in Sensual Pink: A light, zesty orange that lifts your spirits & heals your soul.

Inspiring Message: “When you believe … you become!”

Wild Blue Lupin in Romantic Blue: This graceful and gentle floral clarifies the mind.

Inspiring Message: “Discover why flowers reach for the sun & blossom!”

Green Tea in Spring Green: A true refreshing herbal, a pure rejuvenating & uplifting experience.

Inspiring Message: “Hope is the eternal promise of a new day.”