Our Signature Color is a neutral, warm off-white that compliments every décor! Give your recipient display options. Our Signature neutral color guarantees their satisfaction and yours.

Freshness! Our bars are Vermont made, triple-milled for quality, weigh 4.5 ounces each and 100% vegetable based! We take pride in representing the Vermont made statement and guaranty that the bars you receive or give as gifts from Carved Solutions are the freshest in the marketplace. Carved Solutions Amenity Bars, equal in quality and are sized at 1.5 ounces each!

Scent is often our strongest sense. It reflects and reminds us of people, memories, places, experiences; both good and bad. Scent is a VERY personal experience. Carved Solutions Signature Aqua Mineral Scent is very gentle. Our water-based fragrance with its mass appeal is mystically intoxicating and enjoyed by all!

Carved or Engraved? Carved Solutions Personalized Carved Soap (yes our soap is CARVED not ENGRAVED; offering the crispest, deepest, cleanest carvings available. Quality deserving of your discerning taste; excellence matters.

INDIVIDUAL SOAP BOXES FOR OUR 4.5 OUNCE BARS! We've unearthed a whole new luminescent look in Moonstone, Platinum, and Opal. These shimmering colors are inspired by the most precious gems and metals on earth providing a rich presentation for your personalized soap. Each box is beautifully Spanish embossed for elegance. Spanish embossed gives the box a rich, leather-like look and feel. *Platinum is the silver of the trio. With changes in light carries a blue and lavender hue. Moonstone has a natural, warm, honey appearance whereas… Opal is a soft, creamy, pearl. All are extremely complimentary to any surrounding.

All of the board is 100% recycled chip board material. The paper wrap (what gives the box color, about 15% of the total product) is made from 100% recyclable virgin materials. For your safety our boxes are MADE IN AMERICA. Soap is a very personal product and though it costs more, your safety is important to us. Our boxes will not expose you to any risk of contamination. At Carved Solutions we make every effort to support MINIMAL PACKAGING, RECYCLING, and creating simple packaging that is elegant yet leaves little footprint on our environment.


Our LUXURY GIFT SETS are presented in our Natural Linen Embossed Keepsake Box; a lovely presentation offering lasting appreciation. Each set is completed with a custom embroidered 100% Ring Spun (spa quality) cotton fingertip ivory towel (measuring a generous 12" x 20") super soft; super elegant. We offer 9 different thread colors running the gamut of Pantone's 2008 most popular colors! Special request for our 100% Natural Linen guest towel is an additional option for the Luxury Gift Set.


These lovely and unique candles offer a crystallized-marble appearance; true elegance! This fine product is offered in timeless Champagne color perfect for every décor and event. Infused with the aromas of all natural essential oils in a fragrance we call "Relaxation". The combination of all natural essential oils have been formulated to create a natural relaxation for the body and mind. Carved Solutions personalized candles create a very calm, relaxed, open environment with an uplifting effect.

100% Palm Wax & 100% Unbleached Cotton Wicks!!! Because paraffin wax is not always the healthiest choice for you or the environment and soy wax, though a lovely product and was our first choice before we discovered palm wax, can cause allergic reactions. Yes, some people are allergic to soy! Carved Solutions really cares about their clients and try to be very thoughtful with the products we offer. A quality product is measured by more then physical appearance alone. It also matters how they affect the body, mind, environment and economy!

CANDLE COLORS! Do you have a special event or a décor theme you are designing for a personal space and truly desire a specific color and/or scent BUT won't settle for anything less than a Carved Solutions product? Then custom CS Candles are your answer! With a minimum order of one dozen 4” pillar candles or one dozen 3” pillar candles or two dozen votives, custom colors and scents are an option! All you have to do is ask! Special order pricing may vary as pricing of natural essential oils vary.


Made in Vermont with pride! We are fortunate to live, work and play here. Additionally we are blessed to be a part of this ever growing family owned & operated business. At Carved Solutions you'll find a unique sense of standards for both our products and service. Nothing but the best leaves our shop. With passion for doing the right things for the right reasons, with dedication to excellence and with appreciation and gratitude as part of the daily mindset at Carved Solutions you'll find a happy people eager to work with you.

Carved Solutions is Category D licensed through the Fair Labor Association.