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Live, Love & Laugh

Live, Love & Laugh
Live, Love & LaughLive, Love & LaughLive, Love & LaughLive, Love & Laugh
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It doesn't matter what order you experience it just as long as you live all three every day! Enjoy life...Live, Love, Laugh each and every day.

Soap Description: 100% Vegetable Based, Triple-Milled for Luxurious Lather, Freshest Personalized Soap in the Marketplace, Warm White Décor Complimenting Color, Gentle yet Intoxicating Aqua Mineral Scent(water-based fragrance: excellent for sensitive skin and noses).

Box Description: An elegant linen embossing extremely complimentary to any surrounding.

All of the board is 100% recycled chip board material. The paper wrap (what gives the box color, about 15% of the total product) is made from 100% recyclable virgin materials. For your safety our boxes are MADE IN AMERICA. Soap is a very personal product and though it costs more, your safety is important to us. Our boxes will not expose you to any risk of contamination. At Carved Solutions we make every effort to support MINIMAL PACKAGING, RECYCLING, and creating simple packaging that is elegant yet leaves little footprint on our environment.