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Carved Solutions Eco-Luxury … revered for its guilt-free pampering properties, provides guaranteed gift-giving success each and every time! Each Vermont made, triple milled, vegetable based bar offers an all décor complimenting color, a simple yet addicting water-based fragrance (Aqua Mineral) and a custom carved personalization created just for them. You are certain to impress the recipient with your discerning taste. The Eco-Luxury line was developed with elegance and ease in mind; for every recipient, for every occasion it’s the right color & the right fragrance. Create an Original Luxury Gift Set by adding a custom embroidered, 100% ring-spun cotton guest towel to three Eco-Luxury soaps. The keepsake towel (always a family favorite) will keep them thinking of you long after the soap has been lathered and loved. Connoisseurs of fine soap exclusively trust our Eco-Luxury line for those with allergies, sensitive skin or even sensitive noses!

Our bars are individually addressed & intricately carved. Our carving style, beyond engraving, is uniquely definitive with each bar elegantly presented.

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