Historically, a monogram was used as a royal signature. Romans and Greeks used them on coins to identify their rulers. Then, in the Middle Ages, artisans began to use them to sign their work. Victorian-period high-class persons adapted the monogram for personal use as a symbol of their place in society. Now, monograms can be seen on just about anything, even soap!

Each Vermont made bar is a generous 4.5 ounces, individually addressed & intricately carved. Personalized to your desire! Refresh,rejuvenate, and spoil with only the finest personalized soap deserving of your discerning taste.

Create the ultimate treat, a real keepsake! These gift sets offer not only our luxurious personalized soap, but are topped off with our fine custom embroidered fingertip towels. The perfect housewarming, wedding and anytime gift!

Soap Description: 100% Vegetable Based, Triple-Milled for Luxurious Lather, Freshest Personalized Soap in the Marketplace, Warm White Décor Complimenting Color, Gentle yet Intoxicating Aqua Mineral Scent(water-based fragrance: excellent for sensitive skin and noses).