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Pure|Energy {vt} Forever Charms & Bangles : Infinity Love

Pure|Energy {vt} Forever Charms & Bangles : Infinity Love
Pure|Energy {vt} Forever Charms & Bangles : Infinity LovePure|Energy {vt} Forever Charms & Bangles : Infinity LovePure|Energy {vt} Forever Charms & Bangles : Infinity Love
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Item Description
Pure|Energy {vt} Forever Charms & Bangles : Infinity Love

Introducing Carved Solutions newest addition ~ Pure|Energy {vt} ... Forever Charms & Bangles!

Show your never-ending love with our Infinite Love charm.

For the love of your life, her heart will warm and even her eyes will smile knowing your love is always with her no matter the time or distance that may separate you.

For your Grandma, Mother or Aunt she will always know that she is loved by you even when life keeps you busy.

For your best friend she will instantly think of all your great memories, from the troubled times to the successes and milestones. These moments forge your sisterhood creating a bond and trust that is infinite and strengthened by love.

Or for that special someone who has inspired and influenced, marking your life's path forever, a mentor, a teacher, one of life's unique guides our Infinity Love will touch her as she has touched you.

If it?s a moment worth keeping it?s a moment to treasure forever! Carved Solutions is thrilled to share with you Pure|Energy{vt} Forever Charms & Bangles. Each charm is individually handcrafted by our in-house jewelers using only the finest materials. Argentium .935 Sterling Silver is eco-source certified, nickel free and shines with the brilliance of platinum. Paired with our adjustable .925 sterling silver bangle creates an heirloom keepsake meant to last. Just like everything else we do they are made with from Vermont!

In signature Carved Solutions style there will be plenty of inspiring and memory catching motifs to choose from but custom is always an option. From your monogram, to your favorite dog breed or even your logo - we handcraft to your desire in less than 10 days!
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Infinity - Argentium .935 Sterling Silver

Your love is endless! Our timeless infinity symbol represents that endless connection, full of strength and pure love.

Mother's Day is a perfect time to share our custom Infinity pendant representing the love shared between Mother and child, Grandmother and child, Aunt and child.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

Infinity Pendant .935 Argentium Sterling Silver JSS-Infinity$100.00Chain: 

Looking for Acrylic that actually lasts? In true Carved Solutions’ style our artisans have created wear-resistant beauty just for you!

*****Ships within 5-7 business days*****

Each Vermont handcrafted, wear-resistant acrylic pendant is custom carved to your desire by our very own in-house jewelry artisans!

Monogram is handcrafted in the order you enter the letters. The middle letter will be the LARGER letter.

Traditional Monogram: First Last Middle

Wedded Monogram: Bride Last Groom

Font style is representation only. EACH pendant is handcrafted and nuances will occur.

Choose from a 16" or an 18" Chain (Tortoise comes in Gold).

Your choice of color from our classic and trend setting options:

Perfect Palette Collection: Personalize in your favorite style. Tortoise with Gold Chain and hand painted Gold Leaf finish; all other colors with Sterling Silver Chain and hand painted Silver Leaf finish.
Flamingo, Maraschino, Flame, Lemon Drop, Green Goddess, Lagoon, Purple Passion, Tortoise, On The Rocks, Clean Cotton, Onyx

Sea Glass Collection: Translucent Sea Glass with Sterling Silver Chain & hand painted Silver Leaf finish.
Blush, Coral, Sea Grass, Aloe, Coastal Waters, Wisteria

Reflection Collection: Mirror Finish: Silver & Gold mirror finish and the remarkable Living Rainbow, a radiant translucent, ever-changing, living rainbow reflective finish (color representations do not do the products justice. Silver Lining & Living Rainbow with Sterling Silver Chain & Silver Leaf , Gold Rush with Gold Chain and Gold Leaf.
Living Rainbow, Gold Rush, Silver Lining


Size: Letter is 35mm (approx. 1.5 inch) tall

Thickness: 1/8" thick, wear-resistant custom carving

Finish: The Perfect Pallet Collection and the Sea Glass Collection are custom carved with each personalization hand painted in silver leaf and finished with a sterling silver chain. Tortoise is hand painted with gold leaf and finished with a gold chain. The Reflection Collection captures the natural beauty of its mirror finish.

Why our personalized pendants are so different ~

QUALITY! Knowing us as you do, you know we are going to bring that quality to our acrylic jewelry collection too! You'll find Carved Solutions Artisan Acrylic Pendants stand out from the rest with our wear-resistant properties. Your investment is safe with Carved Solutions. Our wear-resistant pendants are made with the same Heirloom Quality mindset as our Argentium Sterling Silver Pendants. We guarantee the acrylic against breakage. You can trust us with your gift-giving moments. The recipient will have your thoughtful gift for years to come. Once you have this pendant in your hand you will feel the difference!

PERFORMANCE! Wear-resistant makes us different. Even though it costs us a little more, the performance is worth it! You'll discover our custom designs to carry beauty that is dependable and reliable!

ACRYLIC PERSONALIZED PENDANT JACS$75.00Pendant Color:  Font:  Chain:  Personalization Style:  Personalization: